Requirement Gathering & Sign off

Developing a website requires having a clear understanding of the process, goals, and objectives of the platform. Building the right e-commerce store requires developers working with store owners or website owners on what they want to achieve with their sites, know who their target audience is and understand the right message or content to get them attracted to such platforms. Our requirements for developing the right website that will improve your online presence include the following:


Designs are usually in several formats, and this is why we have equipped urselves with the right tools to accept any form of design be it PSD, PHP, Al or any preferable format. Our design model requires us to take these formats and convert them into a workable format. We endeavor to develop your website based on the specific requirements and instruction you give our team of highly dedicated developers.


The next step after the design is a review of the design or wireframe that has been given to us by you. We make sure to check the design and add our creativity to ensure that the design will function in line with your organization's goals and objective. A review of this will require us working with your team members to ascertain that the design we send back to you is what you want from us.

Quotation & TAT

After the review, our developers will go back and work with other team members to create a proposal, running cost and the turnaround time to get your work done. Our quotation will include all the cost of developing your website and all other costs that might suffix during the development your site. We will get your quotation and proposal to you 24 hours after review has been done.


This will necessitate you taking your time to review our proposal and quotation to ensure it is in sync with your goals and objectives. Your immediate approval will see us allocating your project to our dedicated developers who will start work as soon as possible. You will receive from us a project schedule with Milestone to ensure a smooth update of your project and continuous review from us.


Our development process requires us gathering all the necessary tools and resources needed to build you a good website. We do our best to use the latest technology and tools available to create a site that is attractive and keep your online presence moving at a speed your competitors won’t be able to match. Our development process at Zest web solutions comprises of the following:


Once we have your approval to kick-start your project, our highly dedicated project manager and developers will get to work and start building your website. We will ensure that we follow every guideline as laid down in your development plan if there is any and in instances where there are none, we will develop the right instructions that we will show you to approve to build your website for you. This will be done using our local staging server.


We will QA your site using our standard checklist. The QA is to ensure the optimum performance of your website and to reduce your workload. In cases where you require us to use your checklist and reduce the workload on your site for optimum performance, we will charge you $ 150.


At Zest web solutions, we will do our best to make your website design Pixel perfect to attract the right customers. We do this by following strictly your QA checklist which will help us to get our developers on the same page with you regarding quality and design. If you still have any further changes you will like our developers to make on your site; we are available 24/7 to help with fixing such challenges within a stipulated time. Changes might sometimes be out of scope during modification and fixation. We will ensure our developers make the right moves to fit your specific requirements and goals.


This is another area that most developers make a mistake. It is vital for developers to know the market a particular website is serving. It is important to know if the site is serving a global market or local market. It is essential to host websites based on the market the website is serving.Our hosting procedure covers the following:

Website Set Up

Our website Set-up at Zest web solutions is directed at maximum client satisfaction. An excellent online store for every online business should be one that attracts customers easily and call them to action. Setting up a website requires little or no technical input but the supervision and assistance of a dedicated website developer We set up your site on your server after all changes have been done by ensuring a proper hosting that will align with your target audience.


After the set-up has been done, we go live with your website by making it available to all group of users. There might be the need for us to make some changes after your website has gone live, we will still be available for the next 30 days to ensure that we provide the right adjustments needed by your site provided they are not structural changes.


Exisiting Websites

We provide a maintenance and support service to new and existing websites. At Zest web solutions, we can manage your existing WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify websites. We provide maintenance and backups of all your site content, and you can choose from our package of e-commerce and Front-end maintenance.